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The Top 10 Things Everyone Planning a Wedding Needs to Know

You know, we wish we could tell you that wedding planning will be a breeze. We wish we could tell you that everything will be PERFECT and go just as planned. We wish we could tell you that it’s actually not that much work or that it’s not that costly, but we can’t. It is both challenging and costly.

We are here however to give you some practical advice on navigating the planning process and to clear up your misconceptions and maybe give some insight to the fairytale expectations we all have before becoming a bride. So here we go!

  1. A lot of things CAN go wrong. Inevitably something WILL go wrong. Even fairytale weddings have things to overcome (but having the bomb wedding planner and vendor team helps cushion the blow and no one knows the fairytale wedding had hiccups! Not even the couple getting married.)

  2. Be thorough! Crosscheck vendors or hire an experienced planner.

  3. Reminder: It’s YOUR Wedding!!!! Even the people footing the bill are subject to the way you want to do things.

  4. The guest list is yours to split. You are doing your parents a favor by inviting their friends or giving them their own invite list.

  5. Research your vendors! You need to do your homework to find the best vendors to fit.

  6. Delegate to your bridal party to help you get things done!

  7. Do your best to only put people in the bridal party you’re willing to fall out with. Feelings get hurt and arguments get started for the most random reasons during this process. It's high stress as seen on TV. Only put people in the bridal party who you are willing to fight with to make it through to the other side.

  8. Weddings cost a lot of money! They are honestly investments. Make sure you are clear with all parties involved on how much you want to invest.

  9. Make sure your groom knows that this is his day too. Yes! It’s all about the BRIDE but you’ll need his input when it comes to picking songs, getting information to groomsmen and managing the bridal party, picking clothing and accessories, among other things. Make him fee included in the beginning and it will feel a lot less like pulling teeth.

  10. Rehearsal is important and necessary. You don’t have to HAVE to have it the night before, you don’t have to do a rehearsal dinner, but you should rehearse. Give as much information as you can! You don’t want them to be caught off guard with what they’re supposed to do and where they’re supposed to go.


​11. DO NOT, we repeat DO NOT plan to do 1.5 million things the day before your wedding! You have NEVER in your life experienced the time moving as fast as it will the day before and the day of your wedding. Get it all done earlier! Hair - sure, nails - sure, but you should not be making bouquets, running a bunch of errands, dropping this off, picking that up, etc. just don’t do it.

Moral of the story from us will always be to hire an experienced and quality wedding planner (and team of vendors) to make sure you don’t have to do more work than necessary.

Questions about planning? Questions about weddings or events? Drop them in the comments or email us at and we’ll be sure to help you through it.

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