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How to Avoid the Wedding Planning Blues

Your Expert Guide to starting the wedding planning process by asking yourself one simple question?

Your'e engaged, now what? After all of the excitement has settled, and you have now taken endless photos of your new ring along with your fresh mani, it starts to settle in and you realize that you have this huge journey ahead of you. Don't fret, take a deep breath and remember that wedding planning is just like any other big goal or obstacle in life. It helps to approach it step-by-step and with a plan in place. Before taking on any new client, I always ask every bride and groom the same question at the end of our initial consultation. This question helps me to determine, how I will be successful on their wedding day. Every wedding planner and designer can attest to the fact that we wait months and months just to see the look on our client's faces at the big reveal. There is nothing like tears of joy to reinforce that you have properly executed a couple's vision. How I ensure that I achieve this vision each and every time is by simply asking, "what are your non-negotiables?" When starting your planning process, it is key that you sit down with your partner and ask each other this one simple question. This will set the stage to help you both create a combined vision of what you deem valuable for your big day. So, open up a bottle of wine, and break out the notepad, and while you are planning, keep our six tips listed below in mind to keep you on the path to success.

The 6 most important things to remember are: °Enjoy the planning process. ° Embrace your journey from Ms. to Mrs. Your wedding day goes by so fast, you should embrace the journey and moments that you have with the people that you love leading up to your special day. °When in doubt, ask lots of questions and get it in writing. When selecting vendors, it is easy to have information overload, don't assume that services are included, ask for a sample contract and always get your guarantees in writing. ° Create a specific email solely for the purpose of your wedding, you will thank us later. °Stay organized! It's easy to become overwhelmed with information. Excel spreadsheets and tabbed binders will become your best friends throughout the planning process. Use your binder to file away vendor contracts and spreadsheets to compare vendors prices and other valuable information. Have a planning question or a topic that you would like for us to discuss next? Email us at

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